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The condition of your property is paramount in every way. Whether you are preparing for a sale, rental or continued use, it is important that your property is at its best. We at Samtel Porcupine do not regard ourselves as mere renovators, but as property value  multiplier specialists.

Samtel Porcupine is made up of qualified and experienced professionals and handymen who have set a standard in home and property improvement. It is for this reason that we feature in the top 25 Home Improvement Specialist is Johannesburg and surrounding areas.

Our experience with real estate professionals that we work alongside with set us apart.


Why maintaining your property is important

Residents, workers, and clients preference 01

Residents, workers, and clients all prefer a clean and well maintained building. The building or commercial property under your care is a reflection of your business and the people who live or work in it.

Prevents large future expense 02

Regular property maintenance keeps you safe from heavy damages because if you don’t organize regular cleaning and maintenance, the property may not entail just small repairs, but large expensive repairs. For example if you avoid small damages like some roof treatments or any other problems then at the end you have to pay more because it might be damaged beyond repair and need full replacement.

Property value depreciation 03

A building that lacks in maintenance loses its value, as it will not attract tenants or buyers

Insurance Cost 04

Insurers may refuse to insure a property that lacks maintenance or will charge a higher premium because of associated risks e.g fire hazards and building collapse.


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Whole House Painting

Whole House Painting

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Floor Tiles

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Roof Repair


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John Williams

Work done: Painting, Paving, Plastering and Electrical installation

Cell No: +27 83 292 5842
Christo Clausen

Work done: Painting AFM VC Church hall

Cell No: +27 76 629 3662
Henry Mukasa - NV Homes Property Consultant

Work Done:  Painting, Tiling & Blinds Installation

Cell No: +27 63 172 9503